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January 2010

FuZion Mesh fabric for reduced wind resistance and rich vibrant colors is officially introduced.

New JetTran HR100 paper now available in 500ft rolls.

December 2009

Velotex successfully passes a 3 month trial at a Signs Now franchise.

First Velotex Xpress is successfully installed in Lebanon.




Endless possibilities!




















US Sublimation is known for delivering colors that "pop" and knowledgeable technical support .

Customers can rely on US Sublimation's technical knowledge, professional support, and innovation for all their dye sublimation needs.


US Sublimation can reduce your dye sublimation ink consumption by as much as 30% while improving the quality of your sublimated images and the accuracy of your colors.


US Sublimation is heavily invested in the equipment and technology that its customers use for their own dye sublimation production.  With our advanced knowledge of dye sublimation production processes, we can develop and test new applications and reproduce whatever issues and problems our customers might experience, so that we can troubleshoot them effectively.


US Sublimation customers receive the following services:

·       Equipment sales and service

·       Hardware and software installations

·       Technical support and product training

·       Color management

·       System optimization

·       Application testing and development

·       System design


We also offer a variety of product, including:

·       Inkjet, screen print, and offset dye sublimation inks

·       JetTran and Beaver dye sublimation transfer papers

·       Mimaki and Epson wide-format printers

·       Monti Antonio flatbed and rotary heat presses

·       X-Rite / GretagMacbeth color management solutions

·       Wasatch RIP software



It's all in the name! US Sublimation has expertise in all aspects of dye sublimation printing. If you are looking for a true partner in dye sublimation, rather than just a supplier, you have come to the right place: At US Sublimation, we are dye sublimation!


Dye Sublimation Ink

US Sublimation LFP ink is the leading dye sublimation transfer ink on the market today. It offers the widest color gamut available, along with the capability of obtaining true, deep blacks (not green or brown), neutral grays, and rich reds, such as "blood red" and "candy–apple red."  This make US Sublimation LFP the natural choice for dye sublimation printers who care about color output. Licensed for use on wide-format printers and manufactured in Switzerland by Sensient Technologies to the highest quality standards, US Sublimation LFP comes with an extended ink train and print head warrantee program. US Sublimation LFP ink (formerly sold as Rotech Digital) is simply the best dye sublimation ink that money can buy.

US Sublimation UVMAX series is the only dye sublimation ink with proven light fastness. Tested at Q-Labs in Florida for outdoor exposure, UVMAX outperformed the competition by lasting up to three times longer on tiles, glass, metal, and fabrics.

Heat Transfer Paper and Other Substrates: We carry the full line of dye sublimation transfer papers that are specially coated for the digital dye sublimation process. Our private label line, JetTran HR, is a high-release paper that is ideal for sublimation on textiles. TexPrintXP is a well established brand in the dye sublimation paper market, and the result of years of research and development, now with a new high-release coating.

The latest addition to our line of dye sublimation transfer papers is JetTran with Tac, a 110 gsm paper designed to adhere to fabric during the transfer process to reduce ghosting.

Rotary and Flatbed Heat Presses: Ink and paper are only half of the equation when it comes to dye sublimation; a good heat press makes the difference between vibrant uniform colors and unpredictable results. Whether you need a rotary or flatbed unit, oil-filled or straight electric, we carry a full line of Monti Antonio heat presses.

Wide-Format Printers, Baby Grand Format Printers, and All-In-One Sublimation Systems: Whether you are interested in direct-to-textile or traditional transfers, US Sublimation has the right printer for you. From 44" to 128", US Sublimation offers a variety of ink jet printers to suit your needs.


Mimaki printers are the industry standard for wide-format dye sublimation. With the recent addition of 102" and 127" units to its JV5 line, Mimaki now enters the Baby Grand Format market with speed and innovation, in addition to size.


For roll-to-roll fabric and flag printing, US Sublimation has just introduced the Velotex Express Direct Dye Sublimation System that incorporates an ink curing/sublimation unit on an easy to operate and highly affordable Plug & Play dye sublimation printer.

RIP Software: With SoftRIP 6.5 you can easily print accurate spot colors and produce color separations with superior UV density and dot placement accuracy. Wasatch, a sophisticated Raster Image Processor (RIP) software program, is the only one with 16-bit architecture for the highest quality image reproduction available on the market today. With simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful cost calculator feature, Wasatch RIPs save money while producing excellent, high-quality color. Whatever your printing goals are, you will meet and exceed them with SoftRIP.

Color Management Software and Equipment: Color consistency across the workflow environment has always been a challenge. Fortunately, US Sublimation offers a full line of tools from X-rite / Gretagmacbeth that make color matching much easier.  We also offer a complete library of courses and educational materials to help you use these tools more effectively.


Bulk Ink Systems: Us Sublimation offers refill cartridges, bulk ink feed systems and chip override solutions. Gain ink independence with proven ciss solutions and bulk inks for your Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, D-Gen or Epson Stylus Pro printers.



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